Want to know more about the NHR?

The NHR is a joint initiative between the ACDBA and the financial counselling sector.

Listed persons on the NHR are vulnerable consumers in financial hardship – the three key criteria to list are:

  • Income around the level of Centrelink
  • No assets other than those protected in bankruptcy
  • No prospects of income or asset position changing in the foreseeable future

The NHR is a closed users group of participating creditors for the limited exchange of information in relation to listed vulnerable consumers so as to allow those creditors to properly identify and isolate accounts held relative to the specific listed consumer. No other party has access to the data maintained by ACBDA on the NHR.

Participating creditors currently include ARL Collect, Axess Group, CCC Financial Solutions, Collection House/Lion Finance, Complete Credit Solutions, Credit Collection Services Group, Panthera Finance & Shield Mercantile.

ACDBA sends the current NHR list to participating creditors periodically. The participating creditors agree they will not sell or collect debts in relation to persons listed on the NHR given there is no prospect of payment - debts are waived at the earlier of three years, statutory limitation period or if the participating creditor chooses to waive the debt.

Participating creditors are able to:

  • quickly identify and isolate those accounts/debts relating to vulnerable consumers in long term and severe financial hardship so as to avoid investing time and resources in attempting to collect debts where there is little or any prospect of recovery
  • take advantage of an application process where financial counsellors have assisted in verifying the vulnerable consumer meets published Eligibility Criteria for listing on the NHR
  • enjoy the reputational benefit of “doing the right thing” in relation to vulnerable consumers listed on the NHR.

The NHR is completely separate to the credit reporting system - the fact an individual consumer is listed on the NHR does not appear ion the individual’s credit file maintained by credit reporting bodies.

Enquiries about becoming a participating creditor should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..