I confirm that:

  • I am registering on this website to be involved with the NHR and assist vulnerable consumers to apply to the NHR;
  • I am employed with a not for profit financial counselling agency, legal aid organisation or community legal centre;
  • I have completed the required training to submit applications to the NHR; and
  • If my employer and/or contact details change, I will notify the NHR so that their records will remain current.


Privacy Collection Statement

Your personal information will be collected, used, held and disclosed by the NHR Host Entity (“we”/”us”/”our”), whose identity and contact details are:


NHR Host Entity


Australian Collectors and Debt Buyers Association Limited

Email address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone number:

1300 731 366

Postal address:

PO Box 295

The NHR Host Entity may change in the future.  If this happens, this will be detailed on our website www.nhr.org.au.

We are collecting your information so that you can register to be involved with the NHR and assist vulnerable consumers to apply to, and interact with, the NHR.  If we do not collect your information, it will not be possible for you to register to be involved with the NHR. 

We collect your information for the following purposes (and for purposes related to this):

  1. to allow you to log in to and access the NHR website, allowing you to access the most up-to-date forms, policies and other documents;
  2. to ensure that you have been appropriately trained on the NHR;
  3. to allow you to submit applications on behalf of your clients and to communicate with you about applications you have or may make;
  4. to compile a list of organisations that are authorised to submit NHR applications; and
  5. to communicate with you about the progress and development of the NHR.

We may disclose your information to the entity that is overseeing the NHR initiative, creditor organisations who are involved in the NHR initiative, creditor organisations who are not involved in the NHR initiative, service providers (such as lawyers, auditors, information technology and other support service providers), other third parties such as those appointed either permanently or temporarily to a committee associated with the NHR or as required by law.  Your information may be disclosed to overseas recipients including to our information technology service provider in the United States.

Our Privacy Policy is available at www.nhr.org.au, and contains information about how you can:

  1. access or seek correction of your personal information; and
  2. make a complaint about a breach of your privacy.